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E4OD-2 ReCalibration Kit
Frequently Asked Questions

This page is for informational purposes only as we no longer offer the E4OD ReCal Kit.

What year E4ODs will your RK-E4OD-2 Valve Body ReCalibration kit work on?

The RK-E4OD Valve Body ReCalibration kit will work on 1990-1995 E4OD transmissions.

My transmission recently started slipping (shifting late, early, not upshifting, etc.). Will your valve body kit fix it?

The valve body kit is intended to change the behavior of a properly functioning transmission and cannot cure recently developed problems. Recently developed problems are generally the result of wear and the valve body kit will not correct it. If you have recently purchased your vehicle and are unsure if the behavior is normal, please contact us and we will be happy to help you determine if you have a transmission problem or if your transmission is operating as the factory intended.

Will your E4OD valve body ReCalibration kit change the shift points on my E4OD transmission?

While installing our kit will make the shifts complete quicker and improve transmission durability, the shift points will not be changed. The shift points on this transmission are controlled by the computer and cannot be changed reliably with valve body modifications.

I am going to be removing my valve body and will need new gaskets. Are the gaskets that come in your kit special?

The gaskets in our kit do have an extra hole in them. You can make a set yourself by adding a hole to the gasket at location X as shown in the installation manual or you can order a replacement gasket set from us.