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Transmission Type Item Number Description Price
AOD/AODE/4R70W DIRHPE High Performance Direct Clutch kit with Steels and Raybestos Blue Frictions, Specify Cast or Stamped Drum when Ordering $145.00
AODE F3 AODE 2WD Filter to 1995 $18.99
OH-2 Master Overhaul kit for 1992-1995 AODE $250.00
AODE/4R70W PR-1 Improved Main Pressure Regulator Valve for 1992-1995 AODE and 4R70W $19.99
BCV-1 Improved Bypass Clutch Control Valve Sleeve and Plunger for All AODE and 4R70W Transmissions $35
F4 AODE/4R70W Filter 1996-UP and 1995 and Earlier 4WD $19.99
MANAODE AODE Repair Manual $20.00
MD-1 Mechanical Diode Intermediate One-Way Clutch kit (Reverse Drum, One-Way, and Retainer) $150.00
OH-3 Master Overhaul kit for 1992-1995 4R70W $250.00
RK-AODE 1992-1995 AODE/4R70W Valve Body ReCalibration Kit $99.95
4R70W OH-4 Master Overhaul Kit for 1996-2000 4R70W $250.00
PR-2 Improved Main Pressure Regulator Valve for 1996-UP 4R70W $24.99
PR-3 Improved Main Pressure Regulator Valve with Elevated Pressure Spring for 1996-UP 4R70W $29.99
RK-AODE-2 1996-2000 4R70W Valve Body ReCalibration Kit with Modified Main Pressure Regulator Valve $114.95
E4OD E4ODUPD Hard Parts Update Kit for E4OD Geartrain $350.00
AOD RK-AOD AOD Valve Body ReCalibration Kit $59.95
BV-1 O Ringed Replacement Boost Valve and Sleeve for AOD Transmission $50
F1 AOD Transmission Filter for 2WD Applications $7.99
F2 AOD Transmission Filter for 4WD Applications $10.99
Universal L1 Stacked Plate Transmission Cooler
4"x11"x ¾" 11,500 GVW
L2 Stacked Plate Transmission Cooler
5¾"x11"x ¾" 14,500 GVW
L3 Stacked Plate Transmission Cooler
7¼"x11"x ¾" 18,000 GVW
L4 Stacked Plate Transmission Cooler
11"x12"x ¾" 22,000 GVW

Item availability and price is subject to change. Contact us for more information.

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