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Ford AODE / 4R70W Transmission Performance Products

Ford's AOD-E and 4R70W transmissions are undoubtedly the best choice for a street performance small-block transmission. Affording all of the advantages of an old AOD transmission, plus increased strength, greater reliability, and (for the first time) complete electronic control of all transmission functions. This transmission completely replaced the old AOD in 1994 (when the 3.8/5.0L case version was introduced) and is now becoming readily available on the used market.

Our US Shift Quick 4 TCS provides complete tunability for these transmissions and allows them to be retrofitted to all earlier vehicles. If you are considering an AOD transmission installation or upgrade for your vehicle, an AODE / 4R70W transmission will likely be a better choice and may be more cost effective than upgrading an old AOD. The AOD-E will fit almost anywhere that an AOD will fit. It is dimensionally equal to the AOD with the exception of about 7/8 inch (22 mm) of added length in the bell housing area, which lengthens the whole transmission by this amount. For more details, please see the Performance Guide in our Tech Section.

A Note About Valve Body Kits

When installing one of our valve body systems, you may notice that our approach to shift improvement is radically different from that of our peers. Our "systems approach" to valve body recalibration allows you to tailor each and every shift characteristic to your personal preference and vehicle application in much the same manner as the factory engineers did when they designed your vehicle. You will not find any "mystery parts" in our systems because the function of every piece is explained as it is installed and no "fluff parts" are included. (We would rather spend five dollars on a functional component than ten cents on a perceived value-enhancing placebo such as an unnecessary spring or ball.) Our instruction manuals are by far the most comprehensive in the industry, designed with the novice in mind, and we have many industry "exclusives", such as our torque compensation feature for AOD-E/4R70W transmissions.

ReCal Pro™ AOD-E / 4R70W Valve Body Recalibration Kit

An easy-to-install kit for modifying the valve body of an AODE or 4R70W transmission, which can compliment a Quick 4 installation. Features of this system include five user-selectable (during installation) levels of shift firmness for the 1-2 and 2-3 shifts as well as a special overdrive shift calibration which alleviates the characteristic and detrimental 3-4 synchronous bind found in this transmission. Our Torque-Compensation feature is an industry exclusive which allows the transmission hydraulics to be tuned to the engine's torque characteristics, thus providing maximum durability and proper shift feel independent of the shift firmness setting. With our advanced shift firmness selection and exclusive torque compensation, it is now possible to properly calibrate the transmission for the increased demands created by supercharging, turbocharging, increased displacement, and similar modifications without destroying the transmission's street manners and daily drivability. This design provides the performance tuner with access to most of the variables used by OEM engineers when designing a new powertrain combination.
Information is presented in a simple, concise, and complete manner and is geared toward individuals with general mechanical knowledge as well as professional transmission technicians. Transmission removal is not required and installation takes approximately 3-4 hours. Complete with a detailed and fully-illustrated instruction manual, as well as all necessary parts.

Catalog Number: RK-AODE for 92-95 AODE/4R70W $99.95

Catalog Number: RK-AODE-2 for 96-2000 4R70W $114.95

Quick 4 Electronic Transmission Control System

Our top-of-the-line controller for 4R70W, AODE, E4OD, 4R100, 4L60E, 4L70E, and 4L80E transmissions.
(No laptop or PC required)

Quick 2 Electronic Transmission Control System

A simplified, budget controller for 4R70W, AODE, E4OD, 4R100, 4L60E, 4L70E, and 4L80E transmissions.
(No laptop or PC required)

Pressure Regulator Valve for Ford AOD-E / 4R70W Transmissions

The stock main pressure regulator valve in the AOD-E and 4R70W transmissions is prone to wear and sticking, which can be detrimental to transmission longevity. This Sonnax replacement valve is made of high-quality, hard anodized aluminum alloy and incorporates annular grooves to equalize the pressure around the circumference of the valve. These grooves allow the valve to float in the bore with a minimum of side loading and scuffing, resulting in longer valve body and transmission service life.

Installation of this valve is recommended for transmissions with greater than 40,000 miles of use. Replacement of this and other valves is simple once the valve body is removed. As a low-cost insurance policy, this component can be installed in conjunction with our ReCal Pro™ Valve Body Recalibration Kit with no additional effort.

Catalog Number: PR-1 for AODE/4R70W 92-95 $19.99

Catalog Number: PR-2 for 96-UP 4R70W $24.99

Catalog Number: PR-3 with elevated pressure spring for 96-UP 4R70W $29.99

Bypass Clutch Control Valve for AOD-E / 4R70W Transmissions

This precision replacement valve and orificed sleeve are manufactured by Sonnax, utilizing superior construction and materials. These redesigned components help to prevent and eliminate torque converter clutch slip and shudder concerns in AOD-E and 4R70W transmissions. This valve is recommended for any AOD-E or 4R70W transmission that has higher mileage or has experienced torque converter clutch problems.

Catalog Number: BCV-1 $35

AOD-E Stamped Steel Direct Drum, Catalog Number: A2 $125.00

OEM Quality Overhaul Kit

Our OEM quality overhaul kit contains the same parts that Ford put in the AOD-E/4R70W originally and is capable of handling over 400 horsepower. Includes everything that you will need for an overhaul (clutches, overdrive band, gaskets, seals, filter, etc.). For severe-duty applications, inquire about Raybestos Blue Plate Special® racing clutches, available as an extra-cost option.

Catalog Number: OH-2 for 92-95 AODE $200.00
Catalog Number: OH-3 for 93-95 4R70W $200.00
Catalog Number: OH-4 for 96-UP 4R70W $200.00

Mechanical Diode® Kit for AOD-E / 4R70W Transmission

This kit allows you to update your Ford AOD-E / 4R70W transmission to the new Raybestos Mechanical Diode® (used in 1998 and later AOD-E transmissions). The Mechanical Diode eliminates durability concerns for the intermediate (second gear) one-way clutch. A new reverse clutch drum, mechanical diode one-way clutch, and associated hardware are included.

Catalog Number: MD-1 $150.00

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