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Other Transmission Performance Products

Regardless of which transmission you are using, the following products can prove beneficial to your vehicle. Please be sure to refer to our Technical Guide, where you will find detailed application recommendations in our Performance Guide.

"LONG" "Low Pressure Drop" Transmission Coolers

To protect your transmission from damaging high temperatures, install a first-rate "Long" transmission cooler. Long supplies more transmission coolers to Ford, GM, and Chrysler than any other manufacturer and is rated highest in independent tests. Using an innovative aluminum stacked-plate design and a unique orifice controlled bypass system (which maintains proper fluid temperature), Long's "Low Pressure Drop" (LPD) coolers provide up to 30% greater heat transfer than competing brands while maximizing fluid flow. Maximum cooler fluid flow is important for cool temperatures and proper transmission lubrication (especially in the AOD, 4R70W, and E4OD transmissions). Another benefit of Long's efficient design is compactness. Long LPD coolers will fit almost anywhere, as seen in the size chart below.

Model Number Number of Plates Dimensions (HxLxW) Heat Rejection Rating
(in BTU/Hr)
GVW Rating
L1 36 4" x 11" x 3/4" 7,500 11,000 lbs
L2 54 5.75" x 11" x 3/4" 9,800 14,000lbs
L3 72 7.25" x 11" x 3/4" 13,000 18,000lbs
L4 120 12" x 11" x 3/4" 21,800 24,000lbs

Cooler kits include universal installation hardware kits and come with hose, adapter fittings, and two types of mounting hardware. Steel lines or custom mounting brackets may be obtained or fabricated locally.

Catalog Number: L1 $49.95
Catalog Number: L2 $54.95
Catalog Number: L3 $64.95
Catalog Number: L4 $99.95

To order, please Contact us.