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AOD ReCalibration Kit
Frequently Asked Questions

This page is for informational purposes only. We no longer recommend or provide support for AOD builds/swaps other than specifically for our valve body kit.

What year AODs will your RK-AOD Valve Body ReCalibration kit work on?

The RK-AOD Valve Body ReCalibration kit will work on all 1980-1993 AOD transmissions.

My transmission recently started slipping (shifting late, early, not upshifting, etc.). Will your valve body kit fix it?

The valve body kit is intended to change the behavior of a properly functioning transmission and cannot cure recently developed problems. Recently developed problems are generally the result of wear and the valve body kit will not correct it. If you have recently purchased your vehicle, and are unsure if the behavior is normal, please contact us and we will be happy to help you determine if you have a transmission problem or if your transmission is operating as the factory intended.

Can I increase my 2-3 shift point at WOT (Wide Open Throttle) without increasing my 1-2 WOT shift point?

While our AOD valve body kit does allow you to increase all of the WOT shift points, it won't allow them to be increased individually. This is a limitation of the valve body hydraulics, therefore, the 2-3 shift point will always be lower than the 1-2 shift point unless you shift manually.

Do I have to remove my transmission to install the RK-AOD Valve Body Recalibration kit?

The Valve Body Recalibration Kit can be installed with the transmission in the car. You just need to remove the transmission pan and filter and the valve body comes out from the bottom. You can then take the valve body to your workbench to perform the necessary modifications. Complete instructions are included with the kit on how to remove, modify, clean, and reinstall the valve body.

Can I put a 1986 valve body in my 1989 or later AOD transmission?

Not unless you add a 3-4 accumulator to the transmission case. In 1989, Ford eliminated the 3-4 accumulator from the transmission case and the holes in the valve body that feed the accumulator were blocked. If you put an earlier valve body in a 1989 or later case, you will have a fluid leak. A 1989 and later valve body can be put in any AOD transmission.

Does the RK-AOD allow for stock shift characteristics at its minimum adjustment? Are you still able to have a shift to overdrive at 35 mph?

Yes, you can install the RK-AOD valve body recalibration kit and still retain stock shift points.

Do I need to drill the separator plate with your AOD valve body kit?

Yes, you will need to drill the separator plate to install our RK-AOD valve body kit.