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E4OD & 4R100 Frequently Asked Questions

What year was the E4OD introduced?

The E4OD was first introduced in 1989.

What bolt patterns did the E4OD come in?

Over the years, the E4OD has been made with the small block, big block (385 series, NOT FE), diesel, and modular bolt pattern.

Can I put an E4OD in my car?

The E4OD is a very large transmission and would require extensive modifications to the floorpans to fit in most cars. It would also hang very low once installed unless you were willing to increase the height of the engine and the transmission by approximately 3 inches. For an Automatic Overdrive transmission for your car, check out the AODE and 4R70W.

Will the E4OD transmission drive a cable-drive speedometer?

Not all E4OD transmissions come with the gear machined into the output shaft to drive a cable drive speedometer. In 1992, Ford started using the differential speed sensor to run the electronic speedometer in the trucks and omitted the drive gear from the output shaft. Transmissions without the gear can have the output shaft changed, but complete transmission disassembly is required since the output shaft is in the back and the transmission disassembles from the front.