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AOD Frequently Asked Questions

This page is for informational purposes only. We no longer recommend or provide support for AOD builds/swaps other than specifically for our valve body kit.

Should I use a lockup torque converter?

If you do any street driving, keep the lockup torque converter. There are not enough, if any, performance benefits to justify the increase in heat buildup and the decrease in fuel efficiency that eliminating lockup will cause. The lockup feature on these transmissions is not the detriment to performance that many people think it is. At wide open throttle, it may even improve performance to keep the lockup.

How do I make my AOD TV linkage work with a carburetor?

You will need a special cable and bracket manufactured by Lokar (865-966-2269).
Bracket: SRK4000

Which cooler line fitting on the AOD transmission is out and which line is in?

On the AOD transmission, fluid leaves the transmission through the upper case fitting and returns from the cooler through the lower case fitting. Please note, this is NOT true for the AODE/4R70W.

How much power can a stock AOD transmission take?

The AOD in stock form can really only handle stock power levels. Before planning any engine mods to an AOD equipped vehicle, you should install our AOD Valve Body Kit. Installation of the Valve Body kit will allow this transmission to perform reliably in a 325 to 350 horsepower application. If your power goals are higher, you should consider having the transmission rebuilt with heavy duty components from our AOD Products page.

How do I adjust the TV pressure on an AOD transmission?

See our page on AOD TV Linkage Adjustment.