Ford E4OD / 4R100 Transmission Performance Products

The E4OD light-truck transmission was introduced in 1989 as Ford's first fully electronic transmission. While slow to gain acceptance at first, many improvements throughout the years have yielded a strong and reliable transmission. The large size of the E4OD makes it difficult to fit into regular passenger cars, limiting it mostly to truck or big-block swaps. The E4OD is the only automatic overdrive transmission that will mate with Ford big block (385-series) engines.

Most famous for its use in the F150 Lightning, the E4OD is a good choice for heavy-duty and big-block retrofit applications. Our US Shift Quick 1 TCS provides complete tunability for the E4OD transmission and allows it to be retrofitted to earlier vehicles. For more details, please see our Technical Guide.

A Note About Valve Body Kits

When installing one of our valve body systems, you may notice that our approach to shift improvement is radically different from that of our peers. Our "systems approach" to valve body recalibration allows you to tailor each and every shift characteristic to your personal preference and vehicle application in much the same manner as the factory engineers did when they designed your vehicle. You will not find any "mystery parts" in our systems because the function of every piece is explained as it is installed and no "fluff parts" are included. (We would rather spend five dollars on a functional component than ten cents on a perceived value-enhancing placebo such as an unnecessary spring or ball). Our instruction manuals are by far the most comprehensive in the industry, designed with the novice in mind, and we have many industry "exclusives" such as our five shift firmness level settings for the E4OD transmission.

ReCal Pro™ E4OD Valve Body Recalibration Kit

Our valve body recalibration system for the E4OD transmission brings the quality and performance associated with the Baumann name to this largely unappreciated light truck transmission. Most recently noted for its use in the F-150 Lightning truck, the E4OD has been around since 1989 and has been "perfected" during the last few model years. E4OD's can be identified in 1989-1993 E and F-Series trucks and full-size Broncos by the presence of an "overdrive cancel switch" located on either the instrument panel or the shift lever. 1994 and later vehicles are not as easy to identify because they may use the AOD-E/4R70W transmission which also uses an overdrive cancel switch. Please refer to the E4OD section of our Technical Guide for the specifics of transmission identification.

Our ReCal Pro™ E4OD valve body kit eliminates the mushy shifts that have earmarked this transmission since its introduction while greatly improving durability. Shift quality is even more adjustable than our famous AOD valve body recalibration kit, with five shift firmness levels available for each shift. Milder settings can be used to improve transmission life in tow vehicles without sacrificing shift quality or creating harshness, while maximum settings provide off-road and racing vehicles with traditional neck-snapping, tire-chirping shifts, if so desired.

Factory E4OD valve body calibrations do not leave much room for additional torque input, so any engine modifications performed should be accompanied by appropriate transmission improvements. Valve body modifications are the only way to improve full-throttle shift firmness in the E4OD transmission, therefore the ReCal Pro™ E4OD valve body kit should be your first step when seeking to improve transmission performance in your truck. In most cases, no other modifications are necessary (other than possibly an auxiliary transmission cooler). To control shift points and fine-tune part-throttle shift firmness, our US Shift™ electronic control system for the E4OD transmission will be necessary (see below).

Catalog Number: RK-E4OD-2 for 90-95 E4OD $109.95

Announcing Our New US Shift Quick 1™ Controller for Electronic Transmissions

Baumann Electronic Controls would like to introduce our newest transmission control solution, the US Shift system. The US Shift Quick 1 has been in development for over a year and is the result of our 13+ years of transmission controller experience, combined with the latest embedded control technology. Relying on our two decades of performance automatic transmission experience, we have worked hard to produce the best standalone transmission controller available at any price.

US Shift represents the state of the art in electronic transmission control systems, and is a cost-effective, easy to install, and easy to use transmission controller for performance and heavy-duty applications. It is equally well suited to the finest street rods, 8-second drag cars, off-road vehicles, high-powered diesels, motor-homes, and specialty applications. The Quick 1 features the smallest size and most useful features of any transmission controller on the market, and is proudly made in the USA. Visit to learn more about this exciting new system.

E4OD Hard Parts Update Kit

The E4OD hard parts update kit contains all the necessary geartrain parts to update your 1996 and earlier E4OD to 1997 specifications. The kit includes: 6 Pinion Forward and 4 Pinion Overdrive Steel Planetary Carriers, Input Shaft, Center Support Shaft, Center Support Hub with Bearing, Forward Thrust Bearing, Cup Plug, and Hub Gasket.

Catalog Number: E4ODUPD for 1989 to 1996 E4OD $350.00