Ford AOD Transmission Performance Products

Before the "Windsor V-8" pattern AOD-E was introduced in 1994, the AOD was the only choice for a compact automatic overdrive transmission for 5.0/5.8L V-8 applications, such as the Mustang. The AOD has been out of production since 1993 and while this transmission could be drastically improved with well placed modifications, the AOD-E/4R70W transmissions are a much better choice if you are starting from scratch. For more details, please see the AOD Fundamentals, and AOD Upgrade section of our Performance Guide in the Tech Section.

The E4OD truck transmission, introduced in 1989, is large and heavy, making it difficult to use in most passenger cars.

A Note About Valve Body Kits

When installing one of our valve body systems, you may notice that our approach to shift improvement is radically different from that of our peers. Our "systems approach" to valve body recalibration allows you to tailor each and every shift characteristic to your personal preference and vehicle application in much the same manner as the factory engineers did when they designed your vehicle. You will not find any "mystery parts" in our systems because the function of every piece is explained as it is installed and no "fluff parts" are included. (We would rather spend five dollars on a functional component than ten cents on a perceived value-enhancing placebo such as an unnecessary spring or ball.) Our instruction manuals are by far the most comprehensive in the industry, designed with the novice in mind, and we have many industry "exclusives", such as the ability to raise WOT shift points in the AOD transmission.

Modifications done with transmission in car.

ReCal Pro™ AOD Valve Body Recalibration Kit

This easy to install kit is the most advanced, flexible, and reliable valve body recalibration system in the industry. Full user programmability of shift firmness and behavior, along with adjustable full-throttle shift points (up to 1100 RPM greater than stock) and full-throttle overdrive capability allow the transmission to be custom-fitted to any application. Superior shift improvement is accompanied by a substantial increase in durability and performance (due, in part, to our intelligent pressure control system). As featured in October 1990 Super Ford, January 1991 Mustang Monthly, February 1992 and July 1993 Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords, and other magazines. Installs in 3-4 hours by removing only transmission pan and valve body. As with all of our products, this kit includes full technical support. Complete with detailed instruction booklet and all necessary parts.

Catalog Number: RK-AOD $59.95

AOD Pressure Regulator Boost Valve Kit

This high quality valve and sleeve, manufactured by Sonnax, cures many line pressure related problems in the AOD transmission. Sticking or worn boost valves are a leading cause of failures and shift complaints with the AOD transmission. Over time, the steel valve will wear into the aluminum sleeve, causing the valve to stick and leak. Since the boost valve is responsible for increasing line pressure to match engine torque, it is obvious that the condition and calibration of this valve is even more critical in performance applications. This "better than new" replacement sleeve is manufactured from wear-resistant Deltalloy 4032 and is sealed to the bore with O-rings, unlike the original equipment sleeve. We recommend replacement of this valve during the installation of our valve body kit, especially in a high mileage transmission or during an overhaul where contaminants will have accelerated the wear of the original valve even further.

Catalog Number: BV-1 $39.99

OEM AOD Transmission Filter

Replacement transmission fluid filters are available as a modestly priced option when purchasing any of our AOD valve body products. These filters are the same high quality units that Ford uses originally and are manufactured by Sealed Power. Please specify two or four wheel drive when ordering.

2-Wheel Drive, Catalog Number: F1 $8.99
4-Wheel Drive, Catalog Number: F2 $10.99

Modifications Requiring Transmission Removal and Disassembly.

Alto Direct Clutch Pack Kit

Alto's heavy-duty direct clutch pack kit is a good item to install when overhauling your AOD transmission. It will allow you to install seven or eight clutch friction plates in your stock direct clutch drum (depending on application).

Cast Iron Direct Drum, Catalog Number: A1 $100.00
Late-Model Stamped Steel Direct Drum, Catalog Number: A2 $125.00

OEM Quality Overhaul Kit

Our OEM quality overhaul kit contains the same parts that Ford put in the AOD originally and is capable of handling over 400 horsepower (with appropriate input shaft). Includes everything that you will need for an overhaul (clutches, overdrive band, gaskets, seals, filter, etc.). For severe-duty applications, inquire about RaybestosBlue Plate Special® racing clutches, available as an extra-cost option.

Catalog Number: OH-1 $150.00
Specify year when ordering.

2-inch Wide O/D Band Kit for AOD Transmission

Now with Bulletproof "Mechanical Diode®" Intermediate One-Way Clutch!

This kit allows you to convert your Ford AOD transmission (with 1.5-inch overdrive band) to the new AOD-E (and 1992-93 truck) style 2-inch wide band. The 2-inch band provides a much longer service life and will end band failure concerns when overdrive is used at full throttle. A new reverse clutch drum, input sun gear shell, overdrive band, and associated hardware are included. An "A" overdrive servo (from the Thunderbird SC) is recommended for this application and is available from your Ford parts department.

Catalog Number: BK-2 $350.00